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Looking for comprehensive chimney or chimney stack removal services in Calgary? Roof For Life, specialists in chimney removal, is your go-to solution. They offer a complete service that includes not just the chimney removal but also associated roofing work, flashing, and shingle repairs. With Roof For Life, you get a hassle-free experience with just one call ensuring all your chimney-related needs are taken care of efficiently.

Chimney Removal Calgary

4 Reasons To Remove Your Chimney

  • You No Longer Use Chimney

  • Leak In Your Chimney

  • For Create More Usable Space In Home

  • For The Aesthetics


How to remove chimney

Chimney removal is a complex task that requires specific knowledge and experience, making it unsuitable for DIY. It involves technical aspects beyond just demolishing the structure, such as understanding the roof structure, and installing flashing and shingles. Additionally, working at heights on a roof safely is crucial. For these reasons, it’s recommended to hire an experienced contractor with proper insurance for such tasks, to ensure both quality work and homeowner protection.

How we do it

To effectively and safely remove a chimney stack, the process involves a step-by-step approach.

  • Start by dismantling the chimney from the top to maintain structural integrity.
  • Carefully remove bricks individually, using appropriate tools.
  • Ensure controlled disposal of bricks during the process to minimize debris.
  • Finally, repairing the resulting roof hole is a critical step, involving precise framing, insulation, plywood covering, waterproofing, and shingling to seamlessly integrate with the existing roof. This step requires technical expertise for optimal results and to prevent future issues.

Chimney Removal service

At Roof For Life, the team excels in offering chimney removal services with a focus on safety, efficiency, and affordability. They provide tailored solutions to meet individual requirements, ensuring a seamless integration with your home’s exterior. Their professional approach guarantees the protection of your property from potential damages during the chimney removal process, and they are equipped to handle all aspects of the procedure with the utmost care and precision.

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