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Falling leaves from trees can lead to significant clogging and water flow problems in your existing gutter system. It’s not just tree leaves, but also pine needles, branches, or dirt that can cause blockages in gutter grids. To maintain your gutters properly, we recommend installing a leaf grid to prevent these blockages and keep the water flowing smoothly.

Leaf Guard Calgary


  • Longer Life of Gutters


    With a leaf-guard, it does not get dirty or rust and remains in good working order for much longer

  • Protecting Home From Water


    When gutters are clogged with debris, water can enter the house

  • Strengthening of Gutters


    By reinforcing the gutter with a grille, it gains increased rigidity, making it more robust and durable.

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Benefits of Leaf Guard Installations

Installing a leaf guard on your eavestroughs can be a safer alternative to climbing ladders for cleaning clogs. This method not only ensures the efficient functioning of your eavestrough system but also reduces the risk of falls and injuries associated with roof maintenance. Additionally, leaf guards offer other benefits:

  • The installation of a leaf guard enhances your eavestrough system by allowing only water to pass through, effectively preventing clogs from external debris.
  • Guard ensures year-round protection, preventing water intrusion into your home during summer debris accumulation or winter snow blockages.
  • Its design with small holes keeps out debris and ice, handling even heavy rain without overflowing.
  • Safeguards your gutters from quicker deterioration due to debris, avoiding rust and misshaping.
  • Eliminates stagnant water, deterring insects and rodents, and ultimately saves on professional cleaning costs.

Our services offer homeowners significant benefits, including time, money, and energy savings. Installing leaf guards not only protects your home’s exterior but also reduces the need for frequent maintenance, providing a convenient and efficient solution for gutter care.


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At Roof For Life, the team specializes in efficient and affordable solutions for clogged gutters. They offer a variety of options, including installing leaf screens over existing gutters or complete eavestrough replacement, tailored to individual needs. Their services ensure protection against water damage and corrosion, eliminate the need for manual cleaning, and prevent animal nesting, all while seamlessly integrating with your home’s exterior.

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